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A Christmas Original from Dennis Sy / DSYmusic

Dear friends and DSYMusic family. Do you have room for one more Christmas tune this holiday season 😉   Humbly sharing with you Christmas Morning - our little song about feeling the spirit of Christmas all around you but not being able to share it with those that are dear to you or the one… Continue reading A Christmas Original from Dennis Sy / DSYmusic

All About Music

Big Band…Big Sound…Optimistic Future

I have always been enamored with the "big band" sound - that of a bygone era complete with a full horn section and a rhythm section.  The soundtrack to Nora Ephron's WHEN HARRY MET SALLY featuring the sound of Harry Connick Jr. led me to a love affair with the likes of Jimmy Durante, Louis… Continue reading Big Band…Big Sound…Optimistic Future

Random Thoughts

My social media persona could have been anything I couldn’t be in real life - one sans a natural tendency towards awkwardness in social situations. But even the veil of anonymity cannot change an undeniable predisposition - the heart of an introvert. #dsymusings #randomthoughts

All About Music

Voted. Ears are heavily strained but I felt your passion, your drive, your inspiration, your sacrifices, your art. The process is not perfect for to be the “best” at something shouldn’t be the ultimately goal, but to have shared something original that started with but a seed of an idea that blossomed into a finished… Continue reading