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DSYMusic Updates: 3rd Quarter Edition

3 new blogs in one day?

Nah… I’m just excited to be back blogging on WordPress, where I used to write my C2 blogs.

The first 2 articles are part of the COMING HOME chronicles that I’ve written a couple of weeks ago, as an attempt to put down my thoughts covering my entire experience on my homecoming concert at the Music Museum last July 20. Hopefully I’ll get to chronicle the entire journey some time soon as I continue to work on other projects that were waiting for me the minute I got back from Manila.



Production on the anniversary jingle music video is nearing the finish line, with just a few more scenes to be shot before the project enters into post-production. The entire experience has been so much fun, as I got to work again with Gerry & Ger Condez of NJ Weddings Photography & Video, and some amazing folks who are just a pleasure to work with with their attitude and positive disposition. If everything goes according to plan, we’re looking at a possible October video launch.


The recent calamity in the Philippines when monsoon rains brought about massive flooding in Manila early last month, has once again brought about a call to arms from Fil-Ams everywhere to join forces to help out those affected.

One such effort was spearheaded by Ted Reyes of The Happy Analogues band. Together with other Independent Fil-Am Artists in NY and NJ, a benefit album will be produced to help raise funds for the victims of the recent calamity. The album will feature SAYAW SA ULAN, a song written by Mr. Reyes  and collaborated on by various artists in the East Coast. I’m extremely honored to have been approached to work on the vocal harmonies, as well as to perform on the recording of SAYAW SA ULAN , and to contribute one of my songs towards the benefit album.


One of the projects I’m really excited about is the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing Fil-Am singer-songwriter based in NY. She and I have co-written a song that has mutually brought out the creative juices between us, and I can’t wait to get into the recording studio to produce this tune and for all of you to hear it when it’s done.

This has truly been a year to remember for DSYMusic and I continue to give thanks to all of you for your continued support of my musical pursuits.

God Bless Everyone!


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Coming Home The Concert: Convincing Ourselves

In my mind the biggest challenge we faced focused on 2 areas: convincing ourselves (my management team and I) that this can done; and finding the right producer to take on the challenge of putting this show together simply based on my credibility as a performer and as a headliner.

I needed to see for myself how excited I can be given an “idea”. Then I have to channel that excitement unto my management so that they too would believe that this is the right plan for us – for DSYMusic.

I started off visualizing the kind of concert I would want to bring home to my supporters, friends and family who haven’t seen me perform in 23 years. I honed on the idea of presenting a journey – my musical journey, with songs that I used to perform or that I grew up with, and incorporating my experiences as a performer here in the US.

Coming up with a show title was a no brainer. COMING HOME just felt so apt, and presented me also with an overriding theme that I could incorporate into my song selection.

The song choices surprisingly came without much effort. To help me gauge the overall feel of the show, I created a playlist on Youtube, breaking the show into 3 parts (I planned on having 2 guest musical artists), and sequencing the songs based on song content and cadence. This exercise really fueled my excitement, and helped convinced me that I could present a full solo concert, something that I haven’t done in a long while, that would be both meaningful and fun for the audience.

My manager knew the challenges that we faced from a production standpoint, given the long distance nature of the preparations, and the many unanswered questions that we had with regards to producing a show in Manila. There were just too many open-ended issues to which we couldn’t find any satisfactory nor immediate resolutions.

The turning point came one day when, nonchalantly searching the web for the phrase “coming home concert”, my manager stumbled upon the playlist that I created for the concert. This was also the day that I presented to her for the first time a draft of the poster design that I was fooling around with the night before. Somehow this combination of being able to listen to the songs in sequence all the way through and seeing the poster design as a tangible manifestation of the COMING HOME concert triggered an excitement within her that overshadowed all the doubts the came along with this production.

If an idea is exciting enough to trigger an emotional and inspirational response within you, sometimes that is all you need to move you and provide the strength and motivation to make you want to face your fears and your doubts.

That very day, we were sold on the idea of COMING HOME.

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Coming Home Concert: The Beginning

We do certain things out of different motivations – some we do out of necessity; others we do out of fun; some out of the simple fact that it just feels right; and still others we do with no motivational justification whatsoever.

COMING HOME the concert, and the special edition CD, is the culmination of 23 years of my musical journey, and surprisingly can lay claim, in some way, shape or form, to all of the above.

The idea sprung forth from out of nowhere. Never during the past 23 years did the idea of having a homecoming concert in Manila enter my consciousness, much less one supposed to be held at the very same venue of my very first solo concert. 2012 being the year of the “dragon” (my Chinese zodiac sign) according to the Chinese lunar calendar, I have set out to work on projects that from my perspective would be truly challenging in scope, and emotionally rewarding in terms musicality and social relevance. Quite frankly, I thought the song SAMA SAMA HARAPIN NATIN ANG BUKAS and the accompanying music video written and produced earlier in the year already served as my main musical contribution for 2012, and that I could relax a bit and not be so pressured to tackle another major project going forward.

It was actually sometime in early April, when my sisters came to New York for a visit that a seed was first planted. I mentioned to my sister based in Manila of the possibility that I might go home for a high school reunion that’s being organized for my batch, and somehow the conversation led to the possibility of having a homecoming concert for all who have supported my musical endeavors thru the years. It just so happened that she was actually acquainted with a friend who was into producing shows, with a Luke Mejares concert as one of their upcoming projects.

With the seed planted, I set to find answers to 2 questions I normally ask myself before embarking on any project – is it challenging enough to excite me into pursuing it; and can it possibly serve a bigger purpose that is outside of my own musical goals?  Only when I find satisfactory answers to these 2 questions would I actually embark on answering a 3rd and more practical question – IS IT FEASIBLE?

I had to admit though that on some level, there was a part of me that thought even if I couldn’t find any justification in pursuing such an undertaking, something deep inside me was telling me that the time was right for such a concert, and that it was up to me to make it musically challenging and worthwhile enough and socially relevant and meaningful enough to make this whole endeavor “justifiable” in my eyes.

Therein lay the hook – from any angle I looked at it, either from working at it forwards or backwards in my mind – this event was going to happen!