Anniversary Jingle Music Video Launched!


Facebook is like a book with its own set of characters & dialogue. If it was a work of fiction, then we’re free to interpret the words based only on our perspective. Thing is…it’s not fiction – words that you interpreted in your head may sound completely different when uttered to you face-to-face. The digital connectivity FB has provided is great, but there’s nothing like nurturing that connection in the “analog” world. Sorry – too much time on my hands & my thoughts wander 🙂 Happy Friday!

DSYMusic’s 2012 Christmas Drive


From now til December 2012, all proceeds from the sale of Dennis Sy’s COMING HOME special edition CD will go towards the New Hope To Asia Foundation‘s Christmas Drive.

Every year New Hope organizes a special Christmas event for the street children of Cainta Rizal, with rides and games that give them a special memory of the holidays. Each ride cost about P10,000, and last year they could only afford one ride – a giant inflatable slide that brought so much joy to the children that day.

DSYMusic hopes to sponsor one of the rides this year. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, now you can also help bring a smile to the street children of Cainta this Christmas season through your purchase.

To order online, please visit

CDs will made available for sale also at Dennis Sy’s REWIND concert at Payag on Oct 27, 2012.

For friends and supporters in Manila, you can order your copy by calling Evelyne Sy Yu at (63)917-531-7358. All Manila CD sales will also go towards the New Hope To Asia Foundation.

To learn more about New Hope To Asia please visit

Thanks always for your belief & Support.

Dennis Sy/DSYMusic