Free Download Offer: Christmas Morning – 2012 Version

With all the amazing things that have happened in 2012, I knew I needed to do one more thing to show my sincere gratitude to all of you who have made this year so memorable. So with the help of first-time collaborator and super-talented arranger Adrian Daryl Morales, we humbly offer you a new version of a song I wrote way back in 2006 – CHRISTMAS MORNING!

We’ve made this version available for FREE DOWNLOADS as a token of our deep appreciation for your continued support of DSYMusic.

Please feel free to share this with your friends and family, and please leave us a comment or two of what you think of CHRISTMAS MORNING. We would surely love to hear from you.

Thanks again for everything, and wishing everybody a blessed holiday season. Love much!


In A Thanksgiving Mood

Before I finally close the book on the extraordinary experience of the 2012 HMMAwards and start work on the next project, I’d like to take a moment to sincerely say THANKS! to all of you who have been with me since the beginning.

It’s always exciting to gain new fans through the music & shows and projects that we’ve been blessed to put out there, but to those  of you who have journeyed with me on this amazing ride through the years – who have been with me through “thick & thin” – I could never thank you enough for all the support you have given this little “part-time” musician. To have this journey culminate thus far at the 2012 HMMAwards is more than I could ever hope for, and I owe all these to YOU.

I look forward to the challenges ahead –  to the songs yet to be written, and to the melodies yet to be sung. I hope you’ll continue to join me wherever this road may lead us.

I humbly share with you a song I originally wrote for an amazing Fil-Am female vocalist in NY. It’s arranged by Lorrie Ilustre, and written from the perspective of one who have risen above the many challenges of life. It’s an homage to all the strong women I’ve had the privilege of knowing in my lifetime. Because of you, I am STRONGER THAN BEFORE.



2012 HMMAwards – A Mental Prep

The Hollywood Music In Media Awards event is tonight at The Fonda Theater, and here I am at a friend’s home in West Covina CA, up since 6:30 am and longing for a cup of joe, mentally prepping myself for the event. And all I can think about is GRATITUDE.

My nominated song “SHINE ON” was written early this year, originally intended for an upcoming and very promising female singer and performer in NY, who approached me to write a song for her for a possible album project. I set out to write a song about positive change and hope, with the words and music literally coming out of me without much effort. On some level it seems like the song wrote itself.

I created a demo reel and submitted the song. Though it was well received, for some reason the recording project didn’t pan out as planned. So I continued to work on other projects, including a homecoming concert in the Philippines, the filming of a music video, songwriting collaborations, and other shows in between.

While the SHINE ON demo was gathering dust in my iTunes library, a part of me feels the song deserves a wider audience . I guess every songwriter feels that way about their songs 🙂

I’ve participated in the HMMAwards for a couple of years now, submitting songs that didn’t quite make the cut. And I remember thinking how I missed my opportunity to be a part of an awards event in Hollywood when my song REAL ME won at the LA Music Awards in 2006, and I wasn’t able to attend because of a gig commitment. I’ve often wondered if I’ll ever have another opportunity to have one of my songs acknowledged by an awards body and to experience being a part of such an event.

On a whim, I submitted the SHINE ON demo to the 2012 HMMAwards in early September without much expectations. Fast forward to today, and I find myself preparing for my very first Hollywood awards event, with SHINE ON being nominated in the Pop category.

Which leads me back to this – GRATITUDE. It’s been 6 years in between nominations, and I realized how rare such opportunities can be, and we got to make the most of them, if and when they present themselves.

I’m been so blessed with the opportunities and friendships that have come my way in my musical pursuits. Tonight I’ll be soaking in this entire experience of being at the HMMAwards, and tonight I’ll be honing in on one overriding feeling – that of being grateful.

Thanks for reading.


Dennis Sy’s REWIND concert compilation video

A compilation of rough clips from the REWIND concert at Payag NY last Oct 27, 2012. Featuring Dennis Sy with Jason Paguiligan, Peter Warren Gutierrez, Michael S. Villarosa, and Wenchie Olitan. Special guests Cristina Estipona, Boston Dolina and Titchie Sarabia. Surprise guest Cutuy Herrero. Produced by Payag and Serendipity Hype.