24 years of doing something that I love must account for something 🙂

So many rejections & unfulfilled expectations along the way have been balanced by awards, recognition, and amazing experiences that I never thought possible.

I have been frustrated by relationships that I thought genuine & sincere, yet my emotions have also been buoyed & sometimes raised to amazing heights by friendships that were forged before the advent of social networking.

To be on the receiving end of acts of unexpected kindness is truly humbling, and to pay it forward extremely gratifying.

Such is my ongoing journey that is still filled with excitement for words yet to be written & melodies yet to be sung.

But my true hope is that I have been able to show my deep gratitude for all that I have received from you, before the well eventually dries out.

Thanks for reading 🙂


Saturday midnight & my mind’s preoccupied with trying to translate creative excitement into a concrete strategic plan. Sometimes all you need is to catch a lucky break, but you got to meet it with preparedness if & when it comes.

Happy Father’s Day

When I was young there was an incident involving learning how to ride a bike, hanging on to a makeshift metal contraption used for drying clothes, falling from the bike & bringing down this metal structure & injuring my baby sister who was caught underneath. Mom was hysterical after seeing what had happened. My sister was rushed to the ER as I was left at home to ponder on my stupidity.

When they got back later that day, mom understandably came down on me really hard. I saw my baby sister’s little hand in bandages and it broke my heart. I knew the injury was bad. Overwhelmed with tears, guilt & shame I went to my room without dinner, just wanting to sleep & not wake up til the next century.

Laying in the dark, the door opened and I saw my dad’s silhouette and I could make out the emotions on his face. It was stern & filled with anger. I don’t know if he saw my face but I wanted to pretend to be asleep, afraid of the justified wrath about to come my way. He entered the room, stood for a moment by the bed, and then laid down beside me without saying a word. He stayed there beside me til I fell asleep, comforted by his presence & non-judgement.

I could never be the man that you are, Dad. You were always there for us, making your presence felt, always making us feel safe because you were simply there. No greater hero there is in my eyes. Happy Father’s Day.

Stronger Than Before nominated at the 2013 Hollywood Music In Media Awards

Stronger Than Before HMMA Nomination Certificate


After debuting for the first time on Pinoyradio.com earlier today at their Thursday Morning Show, I just received notification that STRONGER THAN BEFORE has been nominated in the jazz category at the 2013 Hollywood Music In Media Awards.

Thanks for this wonderful honor HMMA!

Words Without A Melody

Been knocking for far too long

On a door not meant to be opened

Never really knowing what laid beyond

Nor why it never felt that welcoming

Every day we’re faced with forks on the road

As we follow what we deem is our calling

Yet sometimes we struggle to grasp what’s already known

To what the universe is ultimately saying

Day by day as far as I can recall

The best decisions were those without remorse

No second guessing as they were made with conviction and resolve

With nary a moment for doubt nor regret

We all have our notions of how the universe is to be

Breaking down walls to claim what we feel is our destiny

Yet sometimes the finish line is only within reach

If we simply step aside and allow the universe to let things be