Kickstarter Campaign Update #2 – Carrier Single THE ME I FOUND IN YOU video shoot

Dear Friends & Supporters!

We’re at the halfway point now of our Kickstarter Campaign, and we’re also almost halfway to our target goal!

Last weekend was a magical experience for the DSYMusic team and Serendipity Hype Productions as we soaked in a magnificent sunrise at Long Branch Beach in New Jersey to shoot the music video for the album’s carrier single – The Me I Found In You (nominated in this year’sHollywood Music In Media Awards – Male Vocal Category) with amazing tandem of Gerry Condez and Ger Condez at the helm.



We’re also in the midst of finalizing the artwork for the album, as conceptualized by fellow songwriter Val Guevarra. You can check out his other works at

We still have quite a ways to go, but with God’s grace and your help, we’ll get to the finish line soon!

Please continue to help us spread the word about our Kickstarter Campaign by sharing the link below:

Thanks again for your invaluable support!

Love Light & Music!



Stronger Than Before Kickstarter Campaign Update #1

Dear Supporter!

Our Kickstarter Campaign is off to a great start! And that is all because of YOU!

During our first week alone, through your generosity and belief in this project, we’ve been able to achieve 33% of our goal, with 23 days to go in this campaign.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am with Stronger Than Before, and lot of that revolves around the songs that will be included in this 3rd album. The fact that 2 of the songs are nominated in this year’s Hollywood Music In Media Awards (with awarding ceremonies slated for November 21, 2013 at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood, CA) leads me to believe that there is something truly special about this album for me personally, both as a singer and as a songwriter.

We have thrown all caution to the wind in this campaign, and that is quite true on so many levels. This is, in my opinion, my most personal album to date, where I pretty much expose my heart and soul to you through my songs, in the hopes that on some level you may be able to relate to them and find solace in the fact that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in what you may be feeling or thinking about this thing called LIFE (or maybe it’s the other way around.)

This is also the first time that we are solely relying on supporters like you to determine if we’ll be able to successfully produce and launch an album via a crowdfunding campaign.

I am genuinely hopefully that with God’s grace and through support like yours, we’ll be able to bring STB to the finish line.

Through the next couple of weeks we’ll be providing updates on the campaign, and maybe some bits of trivia about Stronger Than Before the album.

For now please allow me to say that I am truly humbled by your support, and through the next couple of weeks you can still help further the goal of this campaign by sharing it with your friends and family through your social networks via this link:

Love, Light & Music!

Yours Truly,

Dennis Sy

Stronger Than Before Kickstarter Campaign

Please CLICK HERE to contribute to the Stronger Than Before album Kickstarter Campaign. (Or go to

(The following is our “STORY” for starting this Kickstarter Campaign)

A songwriter’s dream of doing an entire album consisting of my words & my music. That’s my goal, and you can help make it happen!

Hi everyone. My name is Dennis Sy, a singer/songwriter based in New Jersey, and I’m really excited to tell you about my first Kickstarter project – my 3rd full length album entitled Stronger Than Before

Some of you may know me as the former lead male vocalist for a band here in the East Coast, which actually won for me my first songwriter award for my original song “REAL ME” at the LA Music Awards in 2006. 

Along the way there have been many exciting concerts and performances in Las Vegas, at the Mohegan Sun Casino, in Atlantic City, and of course, at the world renown Carnegie Hall in New York City. 

But all throughout this journey, I’ve come to realize that my true passion is in the creation of music and words into songs. And that is what makes this particular album different, for it is entirely focused on me as a songwriter – with every song in this album providing a reflection of my thoughts on a variety of subjects – on life, love, and everything in between. 

What’s really exciting though, is that this album already includes 3 nominated songs at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards, with 7 other all-original tunes I can’t wait to share with you. 

I have some amazing musicians and arrangers working on this album, including Las Vegas based Mr. Lorrie Ilustre (the Musical Director of choice of the Philippines’ Concert King Mr. Martin Nievera when he’s performing in the US), an amazing keyboard player and arranger in the person of Mr. Adrian Morales, and guitar virtuoso Mr. Sheldon Magbanua

With Musical Director Lorrie Ilustre
With Musical Director Lorrie Ilustre
Performing with arranger Adrian Morales
Performing with arranger Adrian Morales
Performing with Sheldon Magbanua of the Glories Veins
Performing with Sheldon Magbanua of the Glories Veins

I’m also collaborating with fellow NY singer/songwriter Chrysss Estipona on a couple of songs in this album. I feel Chrysss and I are kindred spirits in the field of songwriting, which is why it’s always a pleasure co-writing songs with this amazing composer. 

Performing with singer/songwriter Chrysss Estipona
Performing with singer/songwriter Chrysss Estipona

This Kickstarter project, and your invaluable help, will pave the way for me to share these songs with you – my supporters, friends and family who have been with me throughout this amazing journey. 

The funds collected will go towards fulfilling manufacturing costs, incurred recording, mastering and professional fees, as well as publicity and marketing expenses

I hope you’ll continue to join and support me on this journey and avail of one of the fun and creatives pledge packages we’ve designed for you. But any donation amount will be greatly appreciated and would invoke a deep sense of gratitude from all of us in the DSYMusic team. 

Thanks for reading, and thank you for supporting STRONGER THAN BEFORE – the album! 

Love Light & Music! 


Dennis Sy

Stronger Than Before Album Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

Stronger Than Before Kickstarter Campaign

Nothing ventured…nothing gained. Am throwing all caution to the wind and see where this lands!


For the next 30 days we’re hoping you’ll support this campaign to help carry Stronger Than Before The Album to the finish line. Thanks so much for all your support through the years!

Love Light & Music.


2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Am SOOOO looking forward to this event in November, with 2 of my songs nominated!

1. Stronger Than Before (Jazz Category)

2. The Me I Found In You (Vocal/Male Category)

Both songs are included in my upcoming 3rd full length album, STRONGER THAN BEFORE, slated for release in late October or early November this year.  It’s going to be a busy and exciting next couple of months! Am feeling so blessed!

Love Music & Light.


DSYMusic 2013 HMMA Nomination