CD Release Event Set For November 9 at Toshi’s

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all having an awesome day and had a great weekend.

It’s been nonstop activity on our end as we try to juggle between CD manufacturing, CD launch prep, music video editing, HMMA planning, promotions and publicity.

The great news is we’re all set for the CD Release Party, scheduled for November 9, Saturday at Toshi’s Living Room and Penthouse in Manhattan’s Flatiron district. And YOU’RE ALL INVITED!

toshi CD launch pic

The great thing too is if you can’t make it to the event, you can still be a part of the Release Party via this live streaming link:

But of course we’d love for all of you to be there and celebrate the launch of Stronger Than Before with us.

So save the date: November 9 Saturday 8:00 PM at Toshi’s Living Room & Penthouse on 1141 Broadway, New York, NY.

See you all soon!

Dennis Sy


MiG Ayesa & Dennis Sy join forces for Bohol


MiG Ayesa & Dennis Sy have joined forces for Bohol.

From now until November 10, 2013, all proceeds from the sale of MiG Ayesa’s United As One and Dennis Sy’s Sama-Sama Harapin Nating Ang Bukas through this webpage ( will be donated to the WeServe Medical and Evangelistic Team for their upcoming medical and evangelization outreach to the recently devastated province of Bohol on November 16, 2013.

DSYMusic and Serendipity Hype will match every dollar received through this effort. (Up to $500)

Download today at and help us make a difference towards helping our fellow Filipinos affected by this tragedy.

Also in cooperation with


Bohol Campaign Poster

All Systems GO for Stronger Than Before

Dear Friends & Supporters of DSYMusic & #StrongerThanBefore the album!

It was just 3 days ago that we wrapped up our successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, and our heads are still reeling from the amount of support that we received.

We literally didn’t have time to stop and celebrate, as we’re now faced with an entirely new challenge, albeit a fun and fulfilling one – and that is to bring Stronger Than Before into production and eventually into your hands.

For the past couple of days we’ve been focusing on (ARE YOU READY?) (1) finalizing the artwork for the CD; (2) reviewing all the required materials and submitting them for manufacturing; (3) brainstorming the CD launch event (of which you’re all invited!); (4) looking at all the chosen pledge rewards and starting work towards fulfilling them (like framed handwritten lyrics, live song requests, video “thank you’s” etc.); and (5) planning for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards in November, of which 2 songs from the album are nominated.

Never a dull moment in the world of DSYMusic!

But in the midst of all this excitement, we do try to find time and slow down between chaotic moments and appreciate everything that is happening to us right now – and to be THANKFUL & GRATEFUL. For none of these would have been possible without YOU!

If everything goes according to plan, we’re looking at 2nd week of November for the album’s release – right before we fly off to Hollywood for the 2013 HMMAwards.

In the meantime, we’d like to share with you a live acoustic performance of the album’s carrier single “The Me I Found In You” (official music video to be released also in November) recorded at Michiko Studios during the live interview by Ted Reyes for Poptimes Magazine (you can check out the article and interview here.)

Thanks again everyone!

Love always!


Dennis Sy featured on pilot episode of Poptimes Features

Am honored to be featured on Poptimes Magazine‘s pilot episode of Poptimes Features!

Interview includes a live acoustic performance of “The Me I Found In You“.

Thanks to multi-talented Fil-Am artist Ted Reyes for the live interview and the opportunity. More power & God Bless!


Kickstarter Update #5 – WE DID IT!

To the DSYMusic team, fans, family, supporters & collaborators (you all know who you are!)- WE DID IT!

With still 47 hours to go – we have reached and exceeded our Kickstarter goal towards the release of #StrongerThanBefore the album.

The journey and the challenge continues – to bring you what I’d like to believe is my best album yet.

No words can fully describe the immense gratitude I feel right now. Thanks to all of you who continue to support and believe in my music…my art. None of this is possible without you.

The Kickstarter campaign is still open til Wednesday 7:33pm, so if you want to avail of any of the reward packages (personalized song, live song request, framed handwritten lyrics etc.), you can still do so by visiting

I’m really excited to share with you Stronger Than Before by November! Thanks for believing! GOD BLESS!

Love In Music!


A Vulnerable Honest Moment – “WHAT I KNOW”

I know my musical endeavors are always challenged by goals that are sloping upwards

And gaining critical mass is never a sure thing


I know some are destined for greatness

And I’ve been doing this long enough to know for me that is not what lay ahead


I know there’ve been probably many signs to indicate that I should have quit a long time ago

If only I was smart enough to decipher that what was they meant


I know my dreams are my own to keep and to pursue

And there’s probably a reason why there’s a stubborn streak in me that pressures me to follow through


I know the reasons why I do the things I do

May not make sense to a lot and only to a select few


It’s probably because at the end of the day, I’m the one who has to live with what my dreams are telling me

And I know if I don’t put a shelf life to my dreams…. there always remains a possibility


And that possibility is all the justification I need

To say “WHAT I KNOW” will always play second fiddle to “WHAT I BELIEVE”