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Grammy’s Here I Come!

On this journey I’ve learned to temper my expectations with the realities of my circumstances without letting go of my dreams. I’ve come to accept certain doors might prove inaccessible because I regard my passion merely as a “serious hobby”. Yet I continue to knock, and the doors I’ve been able to open thus far have already been way beyond my humble expectations. But never did I believe that one day I would be given the opportunity to experience “music’s biggest night” in person.

Until today.

My journey continues.

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Two Paws


Two Paws
Each one a source of light
To the dreary monotony of days past
That now are missed as light has faded to dusk

Two hearts
Each with a unique set of personalities
Yet the same with their ability to give love unconditionally
That now are missed as age abide by its destiny

Two angels
Entered our lives with an innocence that’s eternal
Forever loving and always caring
That now are missed because life is fleeting

Four lives
Intertwined by chance yet preserved by love
Grateful for the moments shared and the memories etched
That now are missed yet thankful for a life that’s been blessed

….by two paws.