Happy 4th Anniversary DSYMusic!

Today we find cause to celebrate and be grateful not just because it's Christmas Day, but also because it's the 4th year anniversary of DSYMusic! And as we give thanks to 4 wonderful years of creative pursuits and the support all of you have shown us, I would also like to take a moment to… Continue reading Happy 4th Anniversary DSYMusic!


Update: DSYMusic’s Christmas Morning Holiday Drive

Because of your participation and generous contributions to DSYMusic's Christmas Morning Holiday Drive, not only were we able to lend a helping hand towards the legacy of Gener Oropesa, but in our little way, we were also able to bring smiles to children's faces through the efforts of our partner in Manila Arpie Patriarca and the… Continue reading Update: DSYMusic’s Christmas Morning Holiday Drive


Update: Christmas Morning Holiday Campaign

“We never met him.... A total stranger...but we have something in common - our music that touches hearts...a friend of a friend.....who would have thought He will be our angel....”  God bless your soul Gener Orpesa! With a heavy heart, we received the news earlier today that Gener Oropesa has joined our Father in heaven. … Continue reading Update: Christmas Morning Holiday Campaign