Update: DSYMusic’s Christmas Morning Holiday Drive

Because of your participation and generous contributions to DSYMusic‘s Christmas Morning Holiday Drive, not only were we able to lend a helping hand towards the legacy of Gener Oropesa, but in our little way, we were also able to bring smiles to children’s faces through the efforts of our partner in Manila Arpie Patriarca and the FHM (Feed Hungry Minds) organization. Thank you so much to all who participated. You truly are angels! You are the reason why there are many reasons to be grateful this Holiday Season!

10551100_867999376553475_2008457680500850885_n 1507154_868006953219384_5710663978584338129_n 10698564_868006993219380_3067378896835438806_n 10848022_868007036552709_3590227885492591177_n 1378384_868402533179826_4104986417457361725_n 10858076_868402566513156_5895906415343810303_n 10245568_868402629846483_5022379381380172806_n 10849982_868402679846478_8376455591528342437_n

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