Happy 4th Anniversary DSYMusic!


Today we find cause to celebrate and be grateful not just because it’s Christmas Day, but also because it’s the 4th year anniversary of DSYMusic!

And as we give thanks to 4 wonderful years of creative pursuits and the support all of you have shown us, I would also like to take a moment to acknowledge the many contributions of one amazing lady.

She believed in the vision that was DSYMusic long before DSYMusic was born. She believed in words yet to be written… in music yet to be heard. She believed in the power of music to help make a difference in this world, and she became the chief architect of putting meaning to what DSYMusic can become, and what it is today.

She has that unique ability of bring a mere vision to its grand fruition – adding purpose and meaning to it, and working out the many details required to reach the finish line.

None of what we have achieved thus far is possible without her guidance, steadfast and unwavering belief, and attention to the minutest detail. We at DSYMusic follow her lead, and count on her to traverse the roughest storms with her constant faith and a cheerfulness and positive spirit that lights up a room every time she enters.

And the funny thing is, she’s not even aware of the impact that she has and her hand stamp written all over DSYMusic 🙂

So please help me in showing a whole lot of love to my business partner, manager, and dear friend Mylz Tolentino of Serendipity Hype Productions.

Her generosity is a legacy we at DSYMusic will always strive to uphold as we face more challenges in the future, in striving to make a difference through music.


2 responses to “Happy 4th Anniversary DSYMusic!”

  1. more power to you, as I know you make a lot of people happy with your excellent and stirring music! 🙂 happy Christmas and an even more creative 2015!

    1. Thanks much Noel! Merry Christmas to you & the entire family!

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