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CSW60 Women For Peace Event

Today's tragic events in #Brussels underline the heed & call for peace & change. All the speakers today at the UN sponsored Women For Peace event held at The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in NY brought a unique perspective on their vision on how to bring about change as shaped by their individual… Continue reading CSW60 Women For Peace Event

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Women For Peace

I'm privileged that my song STRONGER THAN BEFORE, my homage to the inner strength of women, will be played at the UN-sponsored Women For Peace event where my friend and fellow GRAMMY member and international martial artist and actor Vincent Lyn will be giving the opening speech on his first hand experience of the plight of… Continue reading Women For Peace

All About Music

2016 Blog: Grammys, Vegas, Et Al

First blog of 2016.  Wow this is more than 365 days in the making! Talk about taking procrastination to an entirely new level! I was trying to figure out what happened in 2015 that got me away from blogging. Then I realized Facebook and Twitter happened. It was easier to post 140 character (or thereabouts on FB) realtime updates… Continue reading 2016 Blog: Grammys, Vegas, Et Al