A Day In The Life

CSW60 Women For Peace Event

Today's tragic events in #Brussels underline the heed & call for peace & change. All the speakers today at the UN sponsored Women For Peace event held at The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in NY brought a unique perspective on their vision on how to bring about change as shaped by their individual… Continue reading CSW60 Women For Peace Event

All About Music

2016 Blog: Grammys, Vegas, Et Al

First blog of 2016.  Wow this is more than 365 days in the making! Talk about taking procrastination to an entirely new level! I was trying to figure out what happened in 2015 that got me away from blogging. Then I realized Facebook and Twitter happened. It was easier to post 140 character (or thereabouts on FB) realtime updates… Continue reading 2016 Blog: Grammys, Vegas, Et Al