SHINE ON – A New Collaborative Single coming soon

Shine On Release Date poster
SHINE ON brings together the hip-hop stylings of Darick DDS Spears, the jazz/pop sensibilities of Natalie Jean & the earthy rock/pop flavor of Dennis Sy in an Alternative/Pop tune with a message of positivity & hope in the midst of unrest in today’s social climate.

This song wakes us up and helps us to understand that skin color and every other difference we have, should never cause killing and mayhem. As it is far more important for us to put our differences aside, so that we can work together towards having a future that is bright. As we set good examples for our children and stop the hate so that love can shine through.

Without much pre-planning and intent, this song somehow came together during the last couple of weeks during offline collaborations and discussions between the artists, and will be released as a digital single on September 15, 2016. 

The record kicks out a solid message of positivity and unity that is definitely needed during these troubling times. The mix of rap and melody with a blend of vocal harmonies throughout definitely gave a well constructed track. Stronger music has great order (solid beat, transitions, bridges, breakdowns etc) and everything about the track structure was on point.

The soon to be released single is also included in Bongo Boy Records Volume 10 for worldwide distribution.


Preview SHINE ON here.



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