Big Band…Big Sound…Optimistic Future


I have always been enamored with the “big band” sound – that of a bygone era complete with a full horn section and a rhythm section.  The soundtrack to Nora Ephron‘s WHEN HARRY MET SALLY featuring the sound of Harry Connick Jr. led me to a love affair with the likes of Jimmy Durante, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and of course, Frank Sinatra.

This fascination with the sound of that era actually served as inspiration to the treatment of the song Stronger Than Before, as wonderfully produced by Lorrie Ilustre.

Ironically, this love affair never manifested itself in the style of our live performances. Most of the cover bands that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of focused mainly on TOP 40 dance and party music, or those of acoustic and/or rock flavors.

Until now…

When FilAm drummer Mike Ruivivar approached me with the idea of fronting for a band that would focus on material that would showcase having a full horn and rhythm section, I have to admit the invitation was hard to resist, albeit with more than a few hesitations. Top among which is from the initial list of 10 songs he presented to me as songs that they were considering for the vocalist to tackle, ranging from Chicago to Stevie Wonder to Ides of March to Spiral Starecase, 8 were totally unfamiliar to me.

And when I say “unfamiliar”, I don’t just mean to say I don’t normally perform these songs.  I mean I DON’T KNOW THESE SONGS.

This was 4 months ago (iMessage shows initial text message from Mike Rui was sent July 16, 2019.)

Through much patience, multiple rehearsals, the stewardship of musical director Jun Javier, the leadership of Mike Rui, the excellent musicianship of all the players, and an open flexibility to adjust to my singing style, the band christened FULL BLOWN! made its debut at The Bitter End NYC last November 9, 2019.

Humbly sharing with you our little highlight reel, as we look forward to where this new musical journey will take each and every one of us as we look to 2020.

Always In Music,

Dennis Sy



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