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Which Is The Real Virus

Sometimes I wonder what presents the bigger threat to mankind: the coronavirus, or the unrestrained platform that is SOCIAL MEDIA?

Like the super serum that enabled Captain America to encapsulate all that is fair and good because it enhanced what is already inside a person’s heart, social media has also enabled the Red Skulls that are lurking in each and every one of us, and the resulting impact is both far reaching and wide on an unfiltered platform.

It becomes worse when such a platform can be manipulated to what it feeds to “target markets” through ads or decides by algorithm what posts it deems as in line with what we’d like to see on our timelines.

Maybe social media has empowered those that normally would not be given such power and influence to spew selfish agendas that do not benefit us.

Maybe social media, in the guise of freedom, has infected us and manipulated the “Red Skulls” in all of us to surface unrestrained.

We are not perfect beings. We have the potential to love and hate, both with enormous effectivity or destructive consequence.

Maybe social media is the real virus amongst us – one that brings out the best and/or worse in us. And just maybe – that poses the bigger threat to us as a society than any natural or unnatural virus could ever be, if we’re not cognizant and vigilant to the duality of its inherent power.

How’s that for going “viral”?

Now more than ever we need to take responsibility and exercise that very basic right that we all possess as citizens of the world – freedom of choice.

We can choose to guard the sanctity of our principles by not allowing social media to dictate what our minds should focus on.

We can choose to rise above the understandable paranoia that creeps into every situation that is fraught with uncertainty.

I mean – who among us have gone through a real life pandemic before?

Let’s choose to acknowledge our own frailty, yet strive to showcase our humanity by opting to love, to hope, to be grateful, and to be positive.

Photo taken by an ER nurse in Morristown NJ

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Let’s choose to be informed by facts and allow ourselves the opportunity to exercise our own critical thinking without automatically being swayed by the opinions of others.

The loudest voice doesn’t necessarily carry the most wisdom.

Lastly, let’s allow ourselves the freedom and choice to disconnect from what may sometimes feel like an overly interconnected world – one that is constantly trying to catch our attention and manipulate our thoughts and emotions towards a particular way of thinking. Maybe “social distancing” is called for in more ways than one.

POSTSCRIPT. Despite the above sentiment, it’s undeniable that social media serves a very important role during these trying times: as a reminder that whatever it is we’re currently going through, WE ARE NOT ALONE. It is with us for better or worse.

Why don’t we use it for the better.

Just an opinion of a certified introvert.

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