CSW60 Women For Peace Event

Today’s tragic events in #Brussels underline the heed & call for peace & change.

All the speakers today at the UN sponsored Women For Peace event held at The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in NY brought a unique perspective on their vision on how to bring about change as shaped by their individual experiences. I am in awe of their courage and inner strength.

I am truly privileged to have #StrongerThanBefore be a part of this event.


Teresinha de Jesus Nacli – Human Rights Activist

Alexandra Summa – Student Activist

Maggie Law – Artist Entrepreneur

Josaine Espinal – Promoter Entrepreneur

Sonia Hu – Media Entrepreneur

Cecilia Garding – Award Winning Filmmaker

Guest Speaker – Vincent Lyn – World Kickboxing Champion & Grammy nominated composer

Moderator – Ling Luo – American Political Campaigner & Asian Community Civil Activist



Grammy’s Here I Come!

On this journey I’ve learned to temper my expectations with the realities of my circumstances without letting go of my dreams. I’ve come to accept certain doors might prove inaccessible because I regard my passion merely as a “serious hobby”. Yet I continue to knock, and the doors I’ve been able to open thus far have already been way beyond my humble expectations. But never did I believe that one day I would be given the opportunity to experience “music’s biggest night” in person.

Until today.

My journey continues.

#Grammys #ASongwritersDream #Grateful


Two Paws


Two Paws
Each one a source of light
To the dreary monotony of days past
That now are missed as light has faded to dusk

Two hearts
Each with a unique set of personalities
Yet the same with their ability to give love unconditionally
That now are missed as age abide by its destiny

Two angels
Entered our lives with an innocence that’s eternal
Forever loving and always caring
That now are missed because life is fleeting

Four lives
Intertwined by chance yet preserved by love
Grateful for the moments shared and the memories etched
That now are missed yet thankful for a life that’s been blessed

….by two paws.

A Vulnerable Honest Moment – “WHAT I KNOW”

I know my musical endeavors are always challenged by goals that are sloping upwards

And gaining critical mass is never a sure thing


I know some are destined for greatness

And I’ve been doing this long enough to know for me that is not what lay ahead


I know there’ve been probably many signs to indicate that I should have quit a long time ago

If only I was smart enough to decipher that what was they meant


I know my dreams are my own to keep and to pursue

And there’s probably a reason why there’s a stubborn streak in me that pressures me to follow through


I know the reasons why I do the things I do

May not make sense to a lot and only to a select few


It’s probably because at the end of the day, I’m the one who has to live with what my dreams are telling me

And I know if I don’t put a shelf life to my dreams…. there always remains a possibility


And that possibility is all the justification I need

To say “WHAT I KNOW” will always play second fiddle to “WHAT I BELIEVE”

24 years of doing something that I love must account for something 🙂

So many rejections & unfulfilled expectations along the way have been balanced by awards, recognition, and amazing experiences that I never thought possible.

I have been frustrated by relationships that I thought genuine & sincere, yet my emotions have also been buoyed & sometimes raised to amazing heights by friendships that were forged before the advent of social networking.

To be on the receiving end of acts of unexpected kindness is truly humbling, and to pay it forward extremely gratifying.

Such is my ongoing journey that is still filled with excitement for words yet to be written & melodies yet to be sung.

But my true hope is that I have been able to show my deep gratitude for all that I have received from you, before the well eventually dries out.

Thanks for reading 🙂