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CSW60 Women For Peace Event

Today's tragic events in #Brussels underline the heed & call for peace & change. All the speakers today at the UN sponsored Women For Peace event held at The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in NY brought a unique perspective on their vision on how to bring about change as shaped by their individual… Continue reading CSW60 Women For Peace Event

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Grammy’s Here I Come!

On this journey I've learned to temper my expectations with the realities of my circumstances without letting go of my dreams. I've come to accept certain doors might prove inaccessible because I regard my passion merely as a "serious hobby". Yet I continue to knock, and the doors I've been able to open thus far… Continue reading Grammy’s Here I Come!

A Day In The Life

24 years of doing something that I love must account for something 🙂 So many rejections & unfulfilled expectations along the way have been balanced by awards, recognition, and amazing experiences that I never thought possible. I have been frustrated by relationships that I thought genuine & sincere, yet my emotions have also been buoyed… Continue reading