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Dennis Sy – ‘Shine On (Featuring Natalie Jean and Darick Spears)’


Optimistic to its very core, Dennis Sy’s “Shine On” is a song of pure hope. Featuring the undeniable talent of Natalie Jean and Darick Spears, the song’s spirit soars to the sky. Effortlessly blending together elements of rock and jazz into a poppy whole the entire song radiates warmth. By far the highlight of the piece is the strong positive message via the poetic lovely lyricism. Simply brilliant the song’s structure offers up a nice sense of play as the flexibility of the piece allows it to possess a great number of twists and turns. This is a song that demands to be played as loud as possible for it is a song of celebration.

Wasting no time at all Dennis Sy swings into the mix of things. A carefully crafted groove leads the way as a glistening organ weaves its way in and out of the busy mix. Staying true to the song’s sense of power the piece unfolds with a sense of confidence. Guitar work taps into a western twang as it explores the spaciousness of the sound. The attention to detail is particularly fine as Dennis Sy lets the song start and stop on a dime. Powerful vocals lead the way further emphasizing the forward-looking nature of the piece. Towards the end of the song everything comes together into a brilliant display of color.

Strong and sunny, Dennis Sy’s “Shine On” is an immaculate piece of pop with a timeless message of inner strength.

By Beach Sloth

SHINE ON Review on Jamsphere Magazine

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“SHINE ON”: Dennis Sy featuring Natalie Jean and Darick DDS Spears – meant to enlighten, uplift and unite!

The track “SHINE ON” is the collaborative effort of hip-hop emcee and producer, Darick DDS Spears, the jazz-pop singer-songwriter, Natalie Jean, and award-winning pop-rock artist, Dennis Sy.  That we’re dealing with a quality crew is clear from the outset. Dennis is a Grammy member, Natalie has made the Grammy ballot twice and Spears has just had one of his songs nominated for the Global Peace Award in Hop-hop.

SHINE-ON-CoverTogether these three acclaimed and lauded artists deliver us a song that’s meant to enlighten, uplift and unite our spirits in a crusade against division and differences of any discriminating kind. The song itself evokes numerous emotions and thoughts right from the very first verse:

“Give me a second to catch my wind
Where do I begin?
Some say it’s a sin because of my skin.
Some say it’s us men who need to repent.
Showing hatred towards one another with no conviction.
Just listen!
I’m tired of these divisions…”

It’s all urban pop perfection, with the sound of an inescapable potential hit that doesn’t get boring, no matter how often you hit the repeat button.  Lyrically serious, the track comes accompanied by a frothy bubbling and bouncy soundtrack and the feeling that all might just be all right with the world, if only for a few minutes of dazzlingly executed song craft like this. Listen, learn and love, it’s quite simple if you just follow the chorus instructions:

“Shine on…Shine Through
Gotta give a little bit of you
For a better world & a better day
You know it’s true
When it all comes down to you
The time is now for us to change”

The question is, can we or will we? Music can only help to induce us into doing something, but WE actually need to do it. Darick DDS SpearsNatalie Jean and Dennis Sy lay it on the line with brilliantly infectious verses and choruses. The production is augmented by an organically driven acoustic beat, which helps give the song a cool groove that segues seamlessly into soulful choral chants providing most of the melodic and uplifting moments.

“SHINE ON” has the potential to please a wide range of pop and hip-hop fans. It’s a very catchy tune and it transcends a few different genres, so maybe people will be more open to it. The key of course is in the song’s musical reiteration and the conscious nature of its lyrics. The three oscillating performing styles by Darick DDS SpearsNatalie Jean and Dennis Sy add just enough interesting sparks to light the proverbial musical fire and build an appealing group identity that almost anyone can relate to.


Dennis Sy
Natalie Jean
Darick DDS Spears

SHINE ON Review on Sleepingbag Studios

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Dennis Sy – “Shine On” Featuring Natalie Jean & Darick DDS Spears – Single Review

It’d be hard not to appreciate the passionate power of enthusiasm in the pop-melody of “Shine On” – it certainly radiates an inspiring amount of positivity in its combination of message and music.  Enlisting some excellent assistance to bring his vision to fruition, singer/songwriter Dennis Sy has the support of singer Natalie Jean & the hip-hop vocals of Darick DDS Spears appearing on “Shine On” – and together these three have made a song that is pretty much guaranteed to stick in your head for weeks on end.

It’s also definitely worth mentioning, that “Shine On” is being considered for the 59th annual Recording Academy Awards…that’ll give you a solid indication of the level of songwriting you’ll find in the composition of this new single…it’s top-shelf stuff for sure.  When you hear the hooks of “Shine On” you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about; it really is the kind of melody that never leaves you once you’ve heard it…highly memorable and completely catchy.

Musically I thought the song was bang-on the entire way through…”Shine On” is delivered with a high-level of execution and professionalism while still being informative and fun all at the same time.  I had a few slight issues with the vocals of Sy as I adjusted to his sound/style at the very beginning of when he takes the verse, but I felt like he really warmed-up throughout the song and consistently raised his performance up from the first moments onward.  Spears sounds spectacular and lends some incredible energy to this entire song with multiple-parts that are delivered right on the money with precision-timing and real passion in his tone.  Natalie Jean remains in the background for the most-part, but sounds solid every time you hear her…and the combined sound of the vocalists together in the chorus nail a tough part to sing with real heart and emotion.  These three definitely sound great when they’re right there together with each other in the chorus…a real collaborative effort that really works well.

What I do really believe…is that songwriting remains the star of this song from beginning to end.  As strong as the performances are – it’s impossible to deny that lyrically, musically and creatively this is all a part of one really great idea overall…”Shine On” is truly solid song and bulletproof in its structure, composition and twists and turns in the music’s writing.  Between the uplifting messages of change in the lyrics and the brightness of the execution…you really can’t help but find a part of you that ends up connecting to this super-shiny pop rhythm.

Musically-speaking, I can certainly understand the positive support this song is already receiving online – the drums, bass, piano, guitars…it all works so incredibly well together that it’d be impossible to ignore.  You can feel the magic of the moment on “Shine On” and how it builds and evolves as the bright-energy, positive-vibes and inspiring lyrics grow and expand as the song plays.  The sentiment is certainly a beautiful one…clearly these are three people united in their belief of a better tomorrow.  “Shine On” has a decided point of view…it’s certainly a sunny one, but that’s a tone, texture and atmosphere people truly do appreciate beaming through their stereos.  The potential audience for “Shine On” is widespread and the opportunities that exist for a song like this to be featured in numerous parts of the music-industry from commercial awareness-ads to soundtracks are pretty much potentially limitless.  There’s a reason that strong writing and inspired sounds like this get considered for awards – they’ve done a great job here and all three of these vocalists take a turn shining beautifully in the spotlight and glowing warmth of one of the friendliest and most-inviting songs you’ll hear this year.

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SHINE ON – A New Collaborative Single coming soon

Shine On Release Date poster
SHINE ON brings together the hip-hop stylings of Darick DDS Spears, the jazz/pop sensibilities of Natalie Jean & the earthy rock/pop flavor of Dennis Sy in an Alternative/Pop tune with a message of positivity & hope in the midst of unrest in today’s social climate.

This song wakes us up and helps us to understand that skin color and every other difference we have, should never cause killing and mayhem. As it is far more important for us to put our differences aside, so that we can work together towards having a future that is bright. As we set good examples for our children and stop the hate so that love can shine through.

Without much pre-planning and intent, this song somehow came together during the last couple of weeks during offline collaborations and discussions between the artists, and will be released as a digital single on September 15, 2016. 

The record kicks out a solid message of positivity and unity that is definitely needed during these troubling times. The mix of rap and melody with a blend of vocal harmonies throughout definitely gave a well constructed track. Stronger music has great order (solid beat, transitions, bridges, breakdowns etc) and everything about the track structure was on point.

The soon to be released single is also included in Bongo Boy Records Volume 10 for worldwide distribution.


Preview SHINE ON here.



Indie Stories: A Shared Struggle

Last Monday I was able to immerse myself in the music and artistry of many Indie Collaborative members, and even got to bring some of their music home to further enjoy in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

But apart from the music sharing, sometimes the opportunity to converse with fellow artists offers a glimpse into a reality that goes beyond the creative. Sometimes when we’re comfortable enough, we get to talk about shared struggles, shared challenges, and shared dreams. They’re the stories that enter the realm of the unglamorous – the amount of money already invested in chasing dreams; the sometimes daily struggle to believe that our dreams matter and make sense; the fight to stay positive when the onslaught of negativity is too prevalent to ignore; the drought of encouragement when you need it most.

They’re the things that maybe only a fellow artist would understand, and somehow when we’re lucky enough to have such conversations, we find ourselves no longer alone in carrying the weight of unspoken fears and frustrations.

The CDs that I was able to bring home with me are your “babies” – a testament to your artistry, to creative thought, but ALSO to your unwavering spirit and dedication to see things through, to believe in your vision and carry it to fruition.

I just want to take a moment to offer a humble SALUTE to all you wonderful artists! The struggles are all too real, but in all of you I find every reason to believe in the power of inspiration, and to focus on the journey and find ways to make it more meaningful – with the people I meet, and in ways I can contribute.


CSW60 Women For Peace Event

Today’s tragic events in #Brussels underline the heed & call for peace & change.

All the speakers today at the UN sponsored Women For Peace event held at The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in NY brought a unique perspective on their vision on how to bring about change as shaped by their individual experiences. I am in awe of their courage and inner strength.

I am truly privileged to have #StrongerThanBefore be a part of this event.


Teresinha de Jesus Nacli – Human Rights Activist

Alexandra Summa – Student Activist

Maggie Law – Artist Entrepreneur

Josaine Espinal – Promoter Entrepreneur

Sonia Hu – Media Entrepreneur

Cecilia Garding – Award Winning Filmmaker

Guest Speaker – Vincent Lyn – World Kickboxing Champion & Grammy nominated composer

Moderator – Ling Luo – American Political Campaigner & Asian Community Civil Activist