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Which Is The Real Virus

Sometimes I wonder what presents the bigger threat to mankind: the coronavirus, or the unrestrained platform that is SOCIAL MEDIA? Like the super serum that enabled Captain America to encapsulate all that is fair and good because it enhanced what is already inside a person's heart, social media has also enabled the Red Skulls that… Continue reading Which Is The Real Virus

Random Thoughts

My social media persona could have been anything I couldn’t be in real life - one sans a natural tendency towards awkwardness in social situations. But even the veil of anonymity cannot change an undeniable predisposition - the heart of an introvert. #dsymusings #randomthoughts

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Life Is What You Make It – The Anatomy Of A Theme Song

It's GRAMMY® voting season once again! As NARAS voting members, this is that time of year where we take pride (and serious responsibility) in helping determine which artists/songs/albums, in our humble opinion, are deserving of taking home a GRAMMY® for music released this year. For the first time in long while, we find ourselves not… Continue reading Life Is What You Make It – The Anatomy Of A Theme Song

The Un-Authoritative Opinion

Letting Go Of What Makes Sense…To Us

  The course of conflict isn’t determined by the person who initiates but by the person who responds. - Mozart In The Jungle More and more, mental health awareness has been getting its due attention and advocacy as social and traditional media shine focus on stories of people suffering from clinical depression and/or manic-depressive episodes.… Continue reading Letting Go Of What Makes Sense…To Us